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№1. Would you like a cup of tea? Yes, I ___.

№2. Please don´t talk to me now. I ___ to finish my test.

№3. Does he smoke? Yes, he ___ twenty a day.

№4. Can I help? Yes, I´d like ___.

№5. I´d like some coffee. I´m afraid there isn´t ___.

№6. Where is your book? I ___ it last week.

№7. Is John ___ Paul? No, I don´t think so.

№8. Can I help you? Yes, I am looking ___ Mr Smith´s office.

№9. Why are you running? There isn´t ___ time. The film´s going to begin soon.

№10. Where are you staying? I´m living ___ Mr Smith and his family.

№11. Has he written to his brother? Yes, he ___ him a letter last night.

№12. She likes living in a warm climate ___?

№13. Do you smoke? Not now, but I ___.

№14. This is my first visit to the doctor. Who ___ to before?

№15. Did you do any homework? Yes, but only ___.

№16. Could you lend me some money? I´m very ___ of cash at the moment.

№17. Do you know who she is? No, she didn´t ___ her name.

№18. Everyone understood. The teacher ___ to explain again.

№19. That house is in a terrible state. You can see it ___ for years.

№20. My watch is broken but it´s not worth ___.

№21. I´m terribly tired. Well, I suggest ___ to bed.

№22. Why didn´t you tell me? You ___ angry if I had.

№23. Here is your $5 back. Thanks, but I don´t remember ___ it to you.

№24. Is he coming to the meeting? Well, I asked him ___.

№25. I´m fine, it´s only a little cut. ___ you better see a doctor.

№26. If I ___ you I would ask him help.

№27. Do you like your new flat? Yes, it´s small but it ___ my needs perfectly.

№28. I suppose tomorrow´s bus strike means ___ the start of class.

№29. I wrote to the manager ___ to getting my money refunded.

№30. Did you know everybody at the party? No, nobody ___ the host.